About FIAB SpA

fiab-v2FIAB SpA has been manufacturing electromedical accessories (ECG, Electrosurgery, Oxygen therapy and Electrophysiotherapy) for over 40 years. The company’s experience gained over the years working together with a number of specialists in the sector, high quality standards, high technical and production capabilities make FIAB a leader in its field.

Elite offers FIAB’s electrosurgical accessory range of disposable or reusable hand switch pencils, disposable grounding pads & abrasive tip cleaner sterile pads.

For more details see official FIAB website.


Disposable and Reusable Hand Switch Pencils for Electrosurgical Units

Handswitch-PencilsTechnical features of disposable and reusable pencils allows to fulfill every operating needing, making them very reliable in severel electrosurgical procedures. A wide range of connectors allows direct conection with the most part of ESu devices present on the market: for particular configurations some special adapters are available. Button shape and size (for hand switch models) have been studied to make them confortable and easy to be pushed to the operator and optimize the use of the pencil same.



 Disposable Grounding Pads

Grounding-PadsThe wide range of grounding pads includes models for adults, paediatric and neonatal; is also available a versatile model, which can be used with every patient size and body weight. Each model is available monopolar or bipolar (for REM control), with or without cable. Some models of reusable cable are also available, in order to connect tab grounding pads to most of all ESU present on the market.



 Disposable Radiopaque Abrasive Tip Cleaner Sterile Pad

Tip-cleanerDisposable tip cleaner is used during electrosurgical procedures to clean electrodes’ tip. It has an abrasive surface made with very solid material; a plastic BaSO4 support makes the pad radiopaque; a strong adhesive assures a very good stability on the surgical drape. The product is latex free.