About Microline Surgical

microline-v2Microline Surgical integrated modular Laparoscopic System consists of a wide selection of reusable handpieces that accommodate a broad assortment of Microline Surgical scissors, grasper and dissector tips.

Microline Surgical latest generation handpiece optimally addresses the critical cleaning issues that spawned traditional take-apart instrument design but is much easier to maintain, assemble, disassemble and reprocess than traditional take-aparts. Removal of the Microline Surgical tip post-operatively allows for proper handling of the Microline Surgical tip and complete purging of the instrument’s inner lumen through the 60cc high flow flushport.

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ReNew Universal Handpieces & Disposable Tips

reNewMicroline’s ergonomically designed reposable^ handpiece provides a more substantial and responsive tactile experience than disposable plastic handles. It is available in 25, 34, and 42cm shaft lengths to accommodate patient anatomy and multiple surgical procedures.

A wide range of tips are available for use with this product e.g. Precision Cut Disposable Scissors, Control Tip Graspers, Control Tip Dissectors etc.

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ReNew Electrocautery Probe & Disposable Tips

Renew-Electro-Cautery-probeThe ReNew Electrocautery Probe is a monopolar instrument that works with high quality, disposable Microline Surgical tips to put greater control in the hands of the surgeon. The ergonomically designed probe offers a superior tactile experience, as well as efficient electrosurgical performance. This design provides the surgeon full control during any procedure because the electrosurgical effect is achieved only where metal is exposed.

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Clip Appliers

clip-appliersReposable^ clip appliers provide clip security while incorporating safety features such as a last clip lock-out mechanism and an innovative pressure seal. Both the Gemini Large and Gemini Medium/Large feature an extra long shaft and fit through a 10mm port. The high quality reusable handles employ disposable clip cartridges which contain implant grade titanium clips.

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^ a medical instrument limited to a specific number of uses.