About Novaprobe

novaprobe-v2NovaProbe Inc., a US manufacturing company has developed a complete suite of surgical products for Endoscopic procedures specifically geared towardslaparoscopic surgery.  The products are both FDA registered and CE approved.  Based on leading designs in the Surgical Visualization and Instruments field, NovaProbe has created high quality, affordable devices that address a well-defined need in endoscopic surgery for to answer the needs of doctors (surgeons and gynecologists) primarily focused in the areas of surgical visualization equipment and accessories.

HD Camera System

A complete laparoscopy tower is marketed with products falling within the Surgical Visualization Equipment & Accessories category. This tower consists of: HD Monitor, HD Camera System, LED and Xenon Light Sources, CO2 Insufflator, and Surgical Instruments (Trocars, Graspers, Forceps, Retractors, Bipolar instruments, Scopes). NovaProbe partners with medical device distributors in emerging markets including India, Brazil, and the Middle East.